About Aleksandar Čolević

Constant improvement. Quality over quantity. Involvement in every process.

From the first cup of coffee with a client, through creation and development of concept design, all the way to production processes, I tend to be involved and play a responsible role in every part.

While mainly working as a graphic designer I've developed strong interest in final production, and I've been upgrading my knowledge ever since. Day by day, project by project, I've been aquiring new skills, learning new techniques, and accepting new roles and responsibilities.

And now, after years of experience at my current workplace, I've established myself as a full-time production manager, leading a group of signmakers and certified wrappers, while being responsible for operating and maintaining large format digital printers as well as CNC router, and having a role of lead graphic designer and pre-press technician.

Having learned signmaking skills and being involved in wrapping projects myself, I continue to improve my knowledge with evergrowing self-initiative and willpower.